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    How smart Nairobians are cashing in on scarcity of Huduma Namba forms
    Posted on: 2019-05-15 16:09:47

    Nairobians have noticed a worrying trend which has been brought about by the last minute rush by Kenyans seeking to beat Huduma Namba registration deadline.

    According to reports, the influx of hundreds of people trying to beat the deadline has resulted in a number scenarios, including the tablets being used by the clerks running out of battery and an acute shortage of the registration forms.

    Streetwise Nairobians have however seized the opportunity to solve the latter problem, by offering the forms for sale to desperate Kenyans who are yet to register themselves.

    According to Kenyans online, the sale of the forms is booming because most registration centres usually run out of them very early in the day.


    The forms are said to be sold at varying amounts and those who are unwilling to buy them still have to download and print them out in cyber cafés at an extra cost.

    When the registration centres open in the morning, the clerks arrive with several forms but they are often forced to wait for fresh supply when they run out of stock. Some are even compelled to close shop due to unavailability of a photocopying machine at their designated stations.

    This comes after Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i, on Monday said that the May 18, 2019 deadline for the mass registration exercise will not be extended.

    This has prompted a last minute rush at the registration centres which are now experiencing long queues.


    Online Kenyans have been sharing their experiences and frustrations at the registration centres.

    “HI good people. The forms for capturing details in regard to huduma namba have been depleted since last week and we have to buy. Are you aware of this?” asked @Economistmwanzi.

    “Did you know they are selling the huduma forms for 20/-,” wrote @mamaoliverre.

    “In my area huduma namba registration forms are being sold,” commented @the1amolo.

    “Good business. How are they doing it coz I could try it here on my side,” said @PaddyOtieno.

    “Nmekuta forms za kuregister zimeisha everyone has gone back home… and by 5am we were lined up… now we have to go back tomorrow in the morning,” tweeted @MaurinekingO.

    “Lol @HudumaKenya Numba. Organization on a bare minimum. 2 people per 1000 working on the forms, tablets going out of battery so they need to charge, people filling forms at the table, instead of being notified to fill before getting in line,” said @mreis1989.


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    Khaligraph Jones releases his anticipated Single "Superman"
    Posted on: 2019-04-25 15:16:16

    The song is produced under the Blu Ink studios By Motif the Don and Video directed by Dallas based video director Jeff Adair.

    Khaligraph Jones - Superrman (Official Video)





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    Jalang’o told he would die if he built mother’s home
    Posted on: 2019-04-25 15:07:43

    The entertainer has spoken about being warned against buying a house for his mother Jalang’o is one of the most celebrated entertainers in the media industry. The man has made his mark as both a radio presenter and an MC using his comedic talents to great effect. Jalang'o-the-MC In one of his roles as an MC And as such, he has been able to amass a lot of riches. He has however given an interesting anecdote about how he was told by his kin that he would die if he dared to build a house for his mother. He spoke on Milele FM and said that according to Luo traditions his mother needed to remarry after the death of his father before she could occupy a new house. Jalang'o-on-radio The radio presenter in the studio But he said that he wasn’t one who believed in witchcraft and went ahead to purchase a parcel of land. He then proudly built a house for his mother. He then sarcastically said that he sat down and waited to die as the people in his village had predicted. He said: I CAN TELL YOU FOR A FACT THERE IS NOTHING LIKE WITCHCRAFT. ACCORDING TO LUO TRADITIONS, I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BUILD MY MUM A HOUSE. I SAID I ONLY SERVE GOD AND IF HE THOUGHT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DIE BECAUSE I BUILT MY MUM A HOUSE THEN SO BE IT. Jalang'o The presenter holding a glass Jalang’o said that his kith and kin crossed their fingers, hoping that he had not unleashed a curse on himself. He finished off his story by saying that he is still waiting for his imminent punishment. The comedian had not only built a home for his mother, but he is also currently building a mansion for himself at an undisclosed location. Jalang'o house.


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    Mom with double uterus gives birth to twins in less than a month after delivering baby boy
    Posted on: 2019-03-30 01:58:50

    READ: A Bangladeshi mother has given birth to a healthy set of twins nearly a month after she delivered a premature baby boy.

    Arifa Sultana, 20, gave birth to the boy late February through a “normal” delivery, but 26 days later, she was back in hospital suffering from pains in her abdomen. That’s because she was still pregnant — in her second uterus.

    “She didn’t realize she was still pregnant with the twins,” Dr Sheila Poddar, a gynecologist who treated the woman, told Agence France-Presse (AFP). “Her waters broke again 26 days after the first baby was born and she rushed to us.”

    Speaking with the BBC, the doctor said the twins were delivered via emergency caesarean section at a different hospital from where the woman gave birth nearly a month prior.

    “When the patient came in we performed an ultrasound on her and found there were twin babies,” Poddar said. “We were very shocked and surprised. I have never observed something like this before.”

    The chief government doctor in a district in southwest Bangladesh (where the mother was from) told AFP he was stunned the first hospital didn’t notice the second uterus.

    “I haven’t seen any case like this in my 30-year-plus medical career,” Dr. Dilip Roy told the news service.

    A double uterus, known as uterus didelphys, is a rare congenital abnormality.

    “It is not very common to have two uteruses. When the uterus develops, it comes from two tubes, and those tubes fuse together,” Dr. S.N. Basu, head of obstetrics and gynecology at Max Healthcare hospital in New Delhi, explained to CNN. “For some women, the fusion does not occur, and the dividing wall does not dissolve.”

    According to AFP, the new mother is doing fine with her three healthy babies. As for the new father?

    “I will try my best to keep them happy,” the man said.



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    Cardi B announces breakup with Offset
    Posted on: 2018-12-05 08:26:22

    Cardi B, [Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and television personality] says she and her husband Offset have broken up. The 25-year-old rapper posted a 42-second video on her Instagram account early Wednesday morning announcing the split. "So, everybody been bugging me and everything. And you know, I been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now," she said. "And we're really good friends and you know we're really good business partners and you know, he's always somebody that I run to, to talk to and we got a lot of love for each other, but things just haven't been working out between us for a long time," she added. Cardi went on to say, "And it's nobody's fault. It's just like I guess we grew out of love. But we're not together anymore. I don't know it might take time to get a divorce. And I'm going to always have a lot of love for him because he is my daughter's father and yeah." CNN has reached out to Cardi B's representatives for comment. Cardi and fellow rapper Offset, a member of hip-hop trio Migos, secretly married last September at their home in Atlanta. The couple welcomed their daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, in July.

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    King Kaka surprises his long time bae with marriage proposal during album launch, 'Eastlando Royalty'
    Posted on: 2018-12-01 21:00:44

    Rapper King Kaka surprised his fans during the launch of latest album Eastlando Royalty by bringing out his mother and long time partner to the stage during Friday night’s event at Uhuru Gardens.

    A man’s love for his mother is an undying love. Kaka confessed that his mother has been his biggest fan throughout his music career.

    “Kila siku nikienda studio me hucall mum namshow aniombee,” Kaka revealed of his prayerful mother’s unwavering support for him.


    But that was not all. King Kaka left the best part for last.

    Either it was Genge love or just pure heartfelt love; King Kaka brought his bae Nana on stage and requested Atemi to sing her Song Baby love as the couple danced together.

    Then he pulled off another rabbit – excuse the pun – from his bag of tricks as he got down one on knee, popped up a ring and formally proposed to Nana to be his wife.


    “Namuitanga wife na hananga pete. Will you be Mrs Ombima,” said King Kaka, to which the visibly surprised Nana said “Yes” as the crowd screamed wildly.